Dry Verge

& Dry Ridge

Dry Fix Systems Install & Upgrades

Dry Ridge & Dry Verge

We Install Dry Ridge and Dry Verge.  We also:

  • Remove old systems

  • Effect Roof Repairs

  • Remove old Concrete

Dry Fix Systems: Provides functional ridge line.
Weather tight and maintenance free.
Full dry fix system provides 5mm continuous ventilation along the ridge to help combat the causes of condensation
Fully compatible with dry hip system for a complete dry fix solution.
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, gives a finished look to the edges of your roof.
Prevents birds and small animals entering the roof space causing any damage.
Allows for the natural movement of the property, unlike the mortar which is liable to crack and crumble.

Dry Systems

When using dry ridge systems the mortar joints between ridge tiles are replaced by plastic inserts, known as unions, that create the visual appearance of a mortar joint but have a hidden weather proofing system that carries away the water.

  • They can be used in all weathers, are long lasting and do not need "wet mortar mix" to attach to the roof ridge line.

  • Maintenance is reduced to little more than periodic inspection.

  • No more traditional problems of mortar bedded fittings.

  • The end result is longer lasting, secure, durable roofs, and a guarantee of consistent standards of workmanship.

These are available in single units, ie one piece per tile course, or in continuous lengths. These are attractive and highly functional ways to improving the overall appearance of your roof. The systems are easy-to-use and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges.

  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Designed to endure the strongest winds in the UK
  • Easy to install so reduces the labour time significantly
  • Condensation problems are easily solved
  • No maintenance
  • Choice of colours and styles
  • Prevent birds etc. from entering the roof space
  • Waterproof

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