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Roof Repairs - Task Lists - Covered

 All Types of Roofing.

 Repair Works.

 Slates Replaced.

 Chimney Stacks

Tiles Full Re-Tile or tile repairs.

 Full Re-Roofing Service

 Lead Flashing

 Flat Roofing

 Small Repairs

 Roof Repairs

 Ridge Tiles

 Dry Roofing

Roof Repairs

Flat Roofing: Traditional Felt, Rubber Cover and fibre.

Tiles / Re-Tile:  Repair and replaceTiles.

Replace:  Fascias & Soffits

Gutters:  Inspect and repace gutters and down pipes.

Verges and Ridges:  Upgrade and replace to dry fix solutions.

Chimney Repairs:  Repairs, reductions and repointing brick work.

Chimney Crown:  The top of your chimney is called the “chimney crown.” It is designed to protect the chimney’s bricks from impairment such as water damage. Chimney crowns are usually constructed of cement, this becomes damaged and fails  over time.

  • All of our roofers are experienced and knowledgeable employees with many years roofing experience.

  • We are confident we can provide the solution to suit your needs and budget.

  • Our services and works we cover includes complete re-roofing projects, minor roof repairs,  replacement aluminium guttering, home extensions as well as large commercial and public authority projects.

  • All work undertaken is fully backed by the company "Guarantee of Service".

You may have noticed a leak that appeared after a significant storm in your area or perhaps after a recent repair was done to your roof that wasn’t quite finished. 

Roofs are damaged by bad storms, hail damage, strong winds, extreme temperature, ice and fallen objects.  Call us to find and fix your issues.

We will be able to pinpoint your problem and suggest what steps to take from there.

Here are some signs that we look for on the inside:

1. Places where the roof deck is sagging

2. Signs of water damage or leaking

3. Dark spots and trails

4. Outside light showing through the roof.

There are many factors affect the extent of damage a roof will sustain and may also effect the cost of repair.
1.  Age of existing roof system. 

2. Roof attachment method.

3. Ridge product & attachment.

4. Wind proctecton factors/exposure/velocity.

5. Building design, type of roofing system andproducts.

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